Conscious Fashion

In the world of consumerism we make purchases according to the simplest of things be it preference of style, silhouette, color, or expanding our wardrobe with the new hottest trend our favorite celebs are rockin’! But I would like to pose a question to all our fashionistas out there: How many of you actually think about the production that goes into creating that garment or in this case those nice kicks (shoes) you are wearing?


For example, where it was created in the world? Are the laborers treated fairly? Are they paid a decent wage? Are the factories maintained to a standard that conducive to their health? Are the manufactures involved in unethical practices that could possibly lead to the endangerment of those employees? Well as a fashion student these are all things I became aware in my studies and now they are ever-present shopping rituals.


This year I was fortunate enough to land an internship with the textiles company, Thread International. This remarkable company has taken all of my learned concerns and turned into a definite solution.


Thread International is a company that is consciously involved in every step of the textile production. One of the greatest things about Thread International is that they use recycled plastic from the streets and canals of Haiti and Honduras and turns it into an array of high-quality fabrications. This process not only provides jobs but fosters a sense of accountability within the fashion industry as a whole. When ethical production practices happen from “grounds to goods” we can all sleep better at night or at least that my opinion.


Thread International recently produced a line summer shoes with Timberland. The new line launched on March 2, 2017, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I had to opportunity to wear the “Men’s Newport Bay Canvas Chukka Shoe” around town, I felt like the cool kid on-campus. Everyone wanted to know where I got those “Tim’s” from? I happily directed them to the Thread X Timberland website!


As you can see in the photo the canvas chukka boot can be paired just about anything. I chose to wear them with a blue blazer, crisp white button down, gray slim-fit jean and pale periwinkle socks to play up the color of the shoe. In addition to the boot being stylish, breathable, and extremely comfortable, its also affordable. The price point is less than $100. I would say this versatile summer boot will be a great addition to anyones wardrobe.

For more on Thread International click the link below:


To get your own pair of cool kicks from the ThreadXTimberland line click the link below:


Until next time,


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