I am excited to share with you all my first feature BLACK ARTIST, the incredibly talented Devin Tracy.


I had the idea to feature different young artist who were exceptional in their craft when I discovered Devin Tracy on instagram. I became instantly enamored by his artistry. He is known for his floral application /manipulation of images that are both wonderful and whimsical. Devin’s recent body of work includes his celebrity series of musical artist like Janelle Monae, Kelly Rowland, Solange, and my personal favorite, R&B royalty Tweet. Devin doesn’t solely focus celebs though; his earlier works are those of his close friends. As a matter of fact the first piece I saw of his was “Ok Gabe…” a visual masterpiece that shows one of his friend encapsulated by flowers, packed in such a way that it looked like “Gabe” was in the process of ascending from my screen and coming to life right before my eyes. This image led me to reach out to him and this is what I discovered:

Devin is from Jacksonville, FL but has spent the last several years residing in Brooklyn, NY. where he is consistently evolving in his craft. He uncovered his signature floral image manipulation while working on a project. Devin shared that piece with a close friend named Brik Liam, who encouraged him go further with the idea and he did just that. Eventually it developed into the incredibly focused body of work that see and love today. Not only is Devin Tracy a visual artist but he is a singer/songwriter whose uniquely soulful sound takes us right back to the 90s. Devins’ sound reverberates back to a time in R&B when music was music and it moved us to emotional places that held us captive and kept us wanting more. He recently released his first single on entitled “Take Me There” on ITunes, Tidal, Sound Cloud and Google play. Take Me There has an easy sound with a groovy vibe that you can’t help but bob your head to. I am going to go on the limb and say this young man is one to watch, so keep you eyes and ears peeled for the works of Devin Tracy.

“I just wanted to continue to inspire.”
                                                                          – Devin Tracy


Thank you Devin for taking the time out of your busy schedule to produce this beautiful piece of Art for me, I appreciate you!

Until next time everyone,




For more on Devin check out his Instagram @devintracy

or download his new single:



  1. Denia Hill · March 2, 2017


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  2. lizfrompittsburgh · March 2, 2017

    Amazing job, Prophet. Devins art is extraordinary!

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