Cutouts & Faux Fur!!!


As we are quickly approaching the first day of winter (December 21, 2016), the temperature has taken a dramatic plunge towards iceberg and I am not ready for it. I walked outside the other day with a floral print neophyte bomber, lightweight sweater, and some comfy joggers to get a cup of coffee from the Gasoline Street café, when “the hawk” (what Midwesterners call an extremely cold gust wind) literally pushed my behind back inside –  It was soooo cold I heard my teeth crack when I spoke to a fellow student passing by.

Immediately, I made a b-line back inside to go to the cold weather section of my closet, dusted off the old coats and prepared for winter.
I don’t know about you but I’m not ready to pack away my fall gear just yet. At same time, I don’t like to be cold. I understand that suffering for the price of fashion is apart of the game BUT not if you don’t have to… So I thought to myself how can I transfer my fall favorites into winter warmth without compromise style? This is what I came up with…
Ladies and Gents, take those trendy cutouts or severely frayed jeans, pair them with some jeggings for the ladies or compression pants for the men, and it will keep you comfortably warm.  Let’s not forget about the top half though…I’ve noticed tons of people across the globe adorning fur!! I would suggest that’s a trend we wont see fade anytime soon. In my opinion you’ll be hard pressed not to turn a corner or enter a holiday party without seeing variations of fur/faux fur this season. So why not reap the benefits of a plush warm fur/faux fur coat on the streets.
Here is a cool way to incorporate Cutouts & Faux Fur into your everyday Street-Chic Style!


Cable Knit Sweater with Faux Fur Detail from “Zara” (purchased in 2014)

Polka Dot Button Down from “Club Monaco” $59.90

Ripped Jeans from “H&M” $49.99

Snake Skin Boots from “Doc Martens” $125

Mirrored Sunglasses from “Rayban” $175

Queen of Knives Fedora from “Goorin Bros” $35

Camo Compression Pant from “Nike”$80

Cutoff Gloves also from “H&M” $5


If you have any style questions or comments feel free to leave me a message below!


Until next time DREAM BIG!!!

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