Bombers & Beanies!!!


Anyone who knows me knows me know I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE FALL! More specifically fall fashion, mainly because I’m the weirdo that wears layers of clothes Winter, Spring, Summer, and that’s right FALL. At least this time of year, I have an excuse as to why I have on so many layers 🙂

Two of my favorite trends this year are Bombers & Beanie(B&B)!!! Everywhere I look see people rocking B&Bs. The coolest thing about it, is that there aren’t any style or gender boarders when it comes to these items. You can wear a bomber or beanie with just about anything. Fellas, if you have an event to go to after work with all your hipster friends and you don’t want to look super dressy, take off that restricted blazer and tie, dawn a nice neutral bomber, reach in the back seat of your car dust off that beanie and you’re ready to impress all your buds with your new trendy style. Ladies, if your are looking to change things up a bit, don’t pack away those slip dresses from summer just yet. Underneath the slip dress place a basic long sleeve t-shirt, some ripped jeans, with a bomber & beanie, guess what, you are ready to take on any trendsetter that dares to step foot on your sidewalk.

Here is my style interpretation of one of this season hottest trends!

Bomber from a vintage shop called “Bobby’s of Boston” $19

Classic Checkered Button Down from “Express $29.90 (5 years ago) currently on selling for $69.90

Skinny Low Trashed Jeans from “H&M” $39.99

Snake Skin Boots from “Doc Martens” $125

Sunglasses from “See Eyewear” $99

Beanie from “Forever21” 2 for $6


If you have any style questions or comments feel free to leave me a message below!


Until next time DREAM BIG!!!

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