Putting it in the atmosphere…

When I initially started this blog, I approached it as a creative outlet to express myself with writing, styling, as well as championing other creative minded people. This past week I had the pleasure of working with one of the premier photographers in Pittsburgh.

Here is a little bit of our story:


When you bring up the subject of photography to just about any single person in Steeler Nation, the first name that rolls off his or her lips is Chancelor Humphery. Chancelor is a photographer/blogger who has become the heartbeat of cultural happenings in Pittsburgh. When I started to research his work, I knew immediately I wanted to work with him. After examining his online content, I sent him an email introducing myself and sharing my interest in meeting to discuss a potential collaboration opportunity. Shortly there after, I decided to take a stroll to a local boutique in the downtown area, where I had a conversation with a sales associate named Adele. We began to talk about what brought me to the store. I gave her a brief overview; “I’m currently finishing my degree in Fashion Marketing at The Art Institute, and I wanted to check out the store after meeting the owner at a recent fashion symposium.” That bit of information seemed to excite her as she was in a bit of a conundrum. You see she was in the middle of selecting items for a photo shoot when I walked in, but couldn’t decide on the proper way to mix patterns. I kindly offered my expertise and we were able to select some items that mixed patterns, played with scale, and were photo worthy!


The conversation proceeded organically, and I told her about my interest in starting a blog that would highlight fashion and local artisans that were at the peak of their craft. I then informed her I was researching photographers in the area to help me bring my idea to life and I came across Chancelor Humphery of “Keeppittsburghdope”… I told her I admired his perspective and I had reached out to him to maybe collaborate on a couple projects. She looked at me with a smile and said, “Well if you wait a little while you might just be able to meet him.” She continued to tell me that he was actually in the area working with her boss on a photo shoot, and should be returning shortly.” Little did I know he was just about to enter the store; I turned around and there he was in the flesh! I couldn’t believe it. We talked for a little bit and I was invited to accompany he and Adele on the photo shoot. Needless to say, I happily obliged. Several months would pass before I actually saw him again, but when I did it was magical!


After taking a brief pause from social media to focus on school and mapping my path to success, I randomly logged onto Instagram only to find Chancelor (@keeppittsburghdope) had an available slot for a photo shoot. I thought to myself, it’s now or never! I sent him an email and within 48 hours we were on the beaten-path to making magic with a lens. We met in Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh where everyone congregates and walked to a nearby location to shoot. But on the way to our designated location, there were few picturesque places that beckoned to Chancelor “immortalize me”; or at least that’s how I imagined his organic, mental selection process went in his head. On the outside, however, it felt like two old friends taking a stroll at dawn snapping pictures along the way. No pressure. No angst. Simply snap and go. Before I knew it, the shoot was over and I was left with a resounding sense of gratitude for having been in the presence of someone great, and his greatness is truly reflected in his work.



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I want to Thank Chancelor Humphery (@keeppittsburghdope) for sharing his artistry not only with me, but also with the world. I want to thank YOU for taking the time out of your busy schedules to share in my world.


Lastly, I would like to resolve this post by saying if you believe in something, put it in the atmosphere (SPEAK IT OUT LOUD), work towards it, and eventually it will come to fruition…. Until next time, DREAM BIG!



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