Return of the Hippie

When I think of the 70s, what comes to mind is President Nixon and the Watergate scandal – a nation at turmoil. Middle Eastern conflict and the Vietnam War – a world at odds. Despite negative forces at work, humanity would do her best to augment dissension with unity. All across the globe you could see protests, rallies, declarations of Peace. Darkness overcame with the light of love.


One of the things that gained traction in the late 60s and grew to a level of jubilation in the 70s was the music and arts gathering aptly named “The Woodstock Festival”. In addition to celebrating the arts on a grand scale, Woodstock became larger than its original purpose. It became a semblance of Peace & Love that brought unity across cultures, classes, and political parties. It couldn’t have come at a better time.


Woodstock’s environment served as a place where effortless fashions emerged; where we became acquainted with colorful patterns and breezy fabrics. It was acceptable to mix prints, wear flowers in your hair, bohemian equaled goddess, and the popular phrase “flower-child” was coined. These are all the styles that have made a resurgence in present day trends. That’s right; “The 70s” are back!!!


Model, Muse, and Copyedit:  Liz Sterrett

Images taken by:  dylanstrayerphotography


  1. Liz · August 20, 2016

    Your talent never ceases to amaze me!


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